Here is a list of the beers we have or have had. Some we brew constantly, some are seasonals, some were one-offs for festivals or events:

Ample Amber Ale

5.9% ABV,  IBUs 39: Malt-forward with a touch of hop bitterness and a beautiful amber color, this is an easy-drinking beer with layered flavors of slightly sweet crystal malts and a kiss of hops. Ample Amber is definitely built to satisfy.

BIGGie D’s Stong Scotch Ale

9.5% ABV, 45 IBUs: A tribute to our beloved Diablo, the big, lovable Doberman. Like Big D, this ale's smooth, maltiness belies it's underlying strength and complexity. Unlike Big D, this Strong Scotch Ale should be approached with caution, 'cause it can bite!

Bountiful Blonde Ale

6.3%, 12 IBU: Light and refreshing, with a touch of malt sweetness, it’s the nearest thing to a lager that we currently brew. This blonde is everything you ever wanted...in a mug.

Brombeere Hefeweizen

5.5% ABV, 11 IBUs: This beer was crafted to represent the best of the German Hef’s style, but with a twist: Brombeere (aka blackberries). This light, slightly malty brew uses organic wheat malt as the backbone and characteristic banana and clove flavors and aromas from the organic yeast, which also lends its signature cloudiness. Organic NW blackberries provide a nice, fruity character that complements the Hef base, and also give this beer its distinct purple hue. (Originally brewed as a one-off for the Nano Beer Fest, and re-brewed with organic ingredients for the "organic" Portland Craft Beer Fest)

Cascadian Coffee Ale

7.8% ABV, 37.4 IBU: The aroma is alluring: a mingling of aromatic coffee with the citrus, pine, and resinous aromas of Amarillo, Cascade and Simcoe hops. Quaff it, and out comes the malty, roasty, chocolaty characters of the malt, combining with the complex hop and coffee flavors to do a tango on your tongue. The finish reveals the balanced bitterness brought to you by Columbus bittering hops and cold brewed coffee—the perfect balance of malty-hoppy-coffee goodness.

Chromosphere Fiery Red Ale

6.5% ABV, 45 IBUs: Put on your eclipse glasses and tip back a glass of this light, malty, Irish-style red ale. After a couple quaffs, you’ll start to feel the chromosphere of this beer peak through around the malt, with the warming sensation of the habanero peppers that give this beer it’s name. (Brewed for the 2017 eclipse and Redmond Brewfest)

Cinnamon Toast Ale

7.1% ABV,  IBUs 22: Delicious maltiness with hints of biscuit & toastiness, coupled with a touch of cinnamon, and a beautiful mahogany color. This beer has a taste reminiscent of gently toasted bread with a sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon. (One-off brew with homebrewers Tina Costa and Monte Costa)

Damsel's Desire White Chocolate Ale

A beautiful blonde...light, delicious, desirable. But, what lies beneath this demure exterior will shock the senses. The delicate aroma of white chocolate hits the nose. Take a sip...light maltiness bathes the palate up front, then the white chocolate hits the palate on the back end with a hint of sweetness...mmmm, delectable.

Death Czar Russian Imperial Stout

9.7% ABV,  IBUs 40: : This huge brew has complex aromas and flavors that will explode in your mouth. It's black as a winter night in Russia, with a perfect melding of malty, chocolaty and roasty flavors that will kill your desire for any other stout.

Endless Glory Porter

5.5% ABV,  IBUs 13: Chocolatey, malty aromas greet you up front...this medium bodied porter has an inviting chocolate flavor with hints of roastiness and malt sweetness. This is a very approachable, medium-bodied, dark brew that even those used to lighter beers will enjoy.

Fiery Wench Imperial Red Ale

9.3% ABV,  IBUs 84: The “Wench” is a Northwest-style imperial red ale, with a substantial maltiness and alcohol warming that won’t be ignored, plus a beautiful red-mahogany color that is as inviting as the malt aroma. The Wench may hurt you, but you’ll keep coming back for more.

Hoppy in Paradise Imperial IPA

9% ABV,  IBUs 92: A trip to the South Pacific in a glass. This delicious and floral double IPA is brewed with juicy passion fruit. It's the perfect balance between the aroma and flavor of Citra and Simcoe hops. Aloha! 

India Pink Ale

7.5% ABV,  IBUs 70: Take a "normal" IPA--delicious malt with a secret combination of hops that make this IPA a winner on it's own. Then, we add hibiscus flowers in the secondary, which impart an earthy, almost tea-like flavor. Oh, and a bright pink color that will make you say, "Whaaaaaat?" and after you first drink say, "Mmmmmm!"

K. Y. A. Imperial IPA

9.3% ABV,  IBUs 84: Huge Northwest-style imperial IPA. Big and malty, but balance with mounds of Simcoe hops in the boil and dry hopped with an insane amount of the same. So smooth, you won't believe you're quaffing a 9+% brew.

Kühl Kölsch

5% ABV, 10 IBUs: Easy drinking, light, German-style ale with a hint of malty sweetness. Excellent thirst quencher for those rare, sunny days...also a tasty quaff on rainy days!

McKeenan’s Irish Stout

5.2% ABV,  IBUs 38: Dark-as-night beer with a light, roasty finish and just a hint of maltiness. This is an easy-drinking, medium-bodied stout. Sláinte, from the family McKeenan!

Meanderin' Mandarin Pale Ale

6.2% ABV, 15 IBUs: A light, refreshing pale ale which, on its own, would rule the day. But, then we added the zest of delicious mandarin oranges and OMG…malty, hoppy, orangey goodness meanders all over your tongue, resulting in a huge smile and another quaff!​

Mein Schatz German-Style Hefeweizen

6% ABV,  IBUs 9: Truly a treasure for those who love this easy-drinking style, we crafted this beer to represent the best of the Hef’s we enjoyed while living in Germany. It’s a light, slightly malty brew with a distinctive wheat backbone and characteristic banana and clove flavors and aromas from the yeast. The signature cloudiness is caused by the yeast (Hefe)—which doesn’t flocculate (settle out) as most ale yeasts do—and the proteins in the wheat (Weizen). Ein Prosit!

Mo’ Honey Ale

6.9% ABV,  IBUs 10: This is an ale that combines the best of a flavorful, malty beer with the delicate flavor and aroma of orange blossom honey. The result is a very drinkable beer that is light enough for summer but flavorful enough to enjoy all year long!

Northern Rebellion Brown Ale

4% ABV,  IBUs 15: This is a full-flavored Northern English-Style Brown Ale, light in body but not in taste. You’ll think you’re enjoying a much bigger beer, but, at 4%, this is the tastiest “session” beer you’re likely to drink...a beer built to enjoy one after the other, all day long.

Obsession for Session IPA

4.7% ABV,  IBUs 22: Light, easy drinking IPA in the Northwest style. This beer is on the dry side, with balanced bitterness and just the right amount of aromas and flavors. This one is just right for quenching your thirst during those long (and hopefully warm) summer days.

Oma's Pfeffernüsse Winter Ale

6.5% ABV,  IBUs 22: Pfeffernüsse, literally “pepper nut”, is a traditional German holiday cookie. This brew follows the cookie’s tradition. It’s a dark ale, layered with flavors of malt, biscuit, toffee and molasses, lightly spiced with traditional German holiday spices, including wisps of ginger, all spice, cinnamon, anise & hazelnut. My Oma would be proud to call this brew her own. (Brewed as a one-off for the Holiday Ale Festival).

Peanut Butter & Jelly of Our...

7.2% ABV, 14.5 IBUs Take a nice bready amber brew, add Adam's All Natural Peanut Butter and Oregon Fruit Products Raspberry Puree and what do you get? A delicious peanut & jelly sandwich in a glass. We cut the crust off just for you!

Peach Vergnügen Kölsch

5% ABV, 11 IBUs Bright, crisp & light with pilsner malt notes and lots of peach aroma and flavor from the ample portion of peach puree added late in fermentation. Easy drinking for those hot sumer days!

Siberian Express Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale

10.8% ABV,  IBUs 18: Collaboration brewed with Cheers to Belgian Beers Homebrew Competition winner Chuck Macaluso. Huge malty beer with ample alcohol warming, it was designed to keep you warm on those long cold Siberian, or Oregon, nights. (Brewed as a one-off with homebrewer Chuck Macaluso, winner of Portland Cheers to Belgian Beers Homebrew Competition)

Sinfully Yours Imperial Porter

9.3% ABV,  IBUs 38: Go ahead, be bad...you deserve it. Indulge yourself with this huge, chewy, malty, chocolatey brew, with nice residual sweetness and a hint of roastiness and hops to balance. A perfect warming ale to warm your soul on those cold, rainy Oregon days & nights.

Tongue Smack IPA

7.3% ABV, 70 IBUs: Juicy, Northwest-style IPA with a light, malty base. The big hop aroma is the prelude to

the tasty attack. The first is a light tap that hits your tongue with 70 IBUs of bitter alpha acids. Then, the

backhand comes around to hit your tongue with resinous citrus, pine and fruit hop flavors. Our secret

combination of Northwest and New Zealand hops will slap your taste buds silly!

Too Much Tongue IPA

7.5% ABV,  130 IBU: This IPA dances on the tongue with a modest malt backbone and full on hop flavors and aromas. This IPA highlights the delightful blend of the fruity, piney, resiny Simcoe hops from the Northwest and Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand with their strong fruity flavor and aroma reminiscent of white wine grapes.

Unforgiveable Sin Barrel-Aged Imperial Porter

10.5% ABV,  IBUs 40: Go ahead, be bad...you deserve it: chewy, malty, chocolatey with nice residual sweetness, a  hint of roastiness, and a touch of hops to balance. Plus, we paired it with Buffalo Trace® barrels to add an oaky bourbon nose and finish. It'll warm your soul, but beware: there no turning back once you've committed to quaffing the Unforgiveable Sin.

"We'll Never Make a Sour" Sour Ale v3.0

6% ABV, 10 IBUs: Bright and fruity kettle sour that’s just right to pucker you up on a warm day. Brewed with real raspberries for a punch of flavor and a beautiful pink color.

Zesty Lass Grapefruit IPA

7.8% ABV, 65 IBUs: Malty beer with punch of hop bittering and a whole lotta Grapefruit zest, which gives this IPA it's unmistakable, signature aroma and flavor. Forget the grapefruit halves for breakfast, just down a Zesty Lass, and you’ll be good for the day!

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